College Newsletter | Term 1 - Week 8 | 24 March 2023

From the College Principal

Mr Matthew Brennan - College Principal (K-12)

Dear members of the St Greg’s family,

Schools are indeed busy places. There is a lot that they compress into a day around so much of the teaching, learning and wellbeing of its community. St Greg’s is a place that is no different to this. Staff come each day, wanting to work with the students to help them develop into young people that we can all be justifiably proud. 

At a meeting I was at this morning, a comment was made about the role of the parents and the critical importance of open and trusting relationships with staff. The comment was made that perhaps parents have lost sight of this and instead, expect too much from teachers; many who are parents themselves.

Whilst I think that this may be the case in some instances, my experience at Greg’s is that there is a collective responsibility from all our community. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that there is no such thing as a perfect school and at times as a College, mistakes are made. I know I have made a few in my time here. What separates successful, life-giving communities from those who wallow in doubt and conflict is, in my opinion, one with a growth mindset. A community where staff feel supported by parents and just as importantly, a reciprocal arrangement where staff support parents. This has largely been my experience here at Greg’s and long may it continue. 

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Senior School Term 1 Wrap Up!

Mr Joel Weekes - Assistant Principal

Dear Members of the St Gregory’s Family,

It's lovely to be with you once more as we wrap up Week 8 of Term 1. It is hard to believe that we are only a couple weeks away from the end of Term 1 – this year is really moving quickly.   

Being a Gentlemen . . .

We often greet our boys in the Senior School by referring to them as “gentlemen”. This common saying is aspirational and it comes from our clear expectations of what we want from our students. The expectation of being a young gentlemen is a part of the fabric of our Greg’s culture. Our boys are expected and challenged to display a ‘strong mind and gentle heart’ as passed down from our Marist founder, St Marcellin Champagnat.