College Newsletter | Term 2 - Week 5 | 26 May 2023

Engagement and Community at the College

Mr Matthew Brennan - College Principal (K-12)

Dear members of the St Greg’s family,


Welcome to our latest newsletter. The College has been a busy place in recent weeks with many opportunities for community engagement through Mother’s Day celebrations, Parent Teacher Interviews and our co-curricular program.


The greater engagement of community certainly creates a ‘buzz’ around the College. I have enjoyed my interactions with many of you at liturgies, assemblies, interviews, debating and sport. The common theme has been one of great positivity and anticipation on what the future opportunities will bring. 


I wish to share a few extracts of some recent correspondence from different members of the community. Whilst our media tend to focus on all that this wrong, it is wonderful to see our community in a countercultural space to that.

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Senior School Wrap Up

Mr Joel Weekes - Assistant Principal

Dear Members of the St Gregory’s Family,   

It is amazing to think that we are halfway through Term 2. What a huge start to the term we have had with so many ‘Greg’s’ events!

So, you have had an interview . . . now what?

It was a great feeling to witness so many parents and students engaging in the recent Parent/Teacher Interviews across both campuses. It was a huge two days of interviews for our staff, 9am – 7pm on Friday followed by another 9am-12:30pm shift on Sunday. This is a massive contribution from our teaching staff to positively engage with the community for the mutual benefit of the students that we teach. As I walked around the hall, listening in, engaging with parents, staff and students, I was humbled to see such positive relationships that have formed this year between families and teachers.