College Newsletter | Term 3 - Week 2 | 28 July 2023

From the College Principal

Mr Matthew Brennan - College Principal (K-12)

Dear members of the St Greg’s family,

Welcome back to the second half of 2023! As a staff at our Professional Learning day last week, we reflected on the start of the year and used the analogy of halftime in a sporting fixture. Good teams at the break look to reflect, renew, and refocus. A number of staff have used this scenario with the students on their return.

The academic year gives opportunities to start again, with the start of a new semester allowing all students to reset.

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A Truly Outstanding Experience

Mr Joel Weekes - Assistant Principal

Dear Members of the St Gregory’s Family, 

The first half of 2023 has flown by, and I am sure that the second half will continue in the same way. There is plenty happening as always at St Greg’s and it is exciting to be a part of it. This week, we are all still basking in the enjoyment of Saturday night’s Blue and Maroon Ball ‘Under the Big Top’, the Stage 6 Course Selection evening on Wednesday and we continue to keep Year 12 in our prayers as they prepare for the HSC Trials that kick off on Monday.

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Student Voice and Agency

Mrs Diana Ivancic - Head of Junior School

I often joke with families who are new to the PYP (Primary Years Programme) that while parents often get tired of their children asking questions, we encourage our students to inquire, wonder and question, question, question.

A large part of the PYP programme is to encourage student voice and agency. Last term, one of our Year 5 students (Kye), emailed a letter to Mr Gannon and me with his thoughts around rethinking our student leadership model. One of our school parents from another grade also had some thoughts around it. Both had some great suggestions worth exploring.


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Mission in the College

Mrs Cathie Clarke - Director of Mission

After many COVID affected years, our first group of pilgrims set off to Suva in Fiji, on immersion.  An immersion is an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. As Christians and as Marists, we believe have a responsibility to work in service not only for each other, but for the wider community in Australia and the global community. Thank you to Mr Pat Newell, Mrs Julie Sligar and the eight Year 11 students who represented us.

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A Marist Pedagogy at St Greg's

Ms Judith Tolomeo - Director of Teaching & Learning

Education is a dynamic field, and student demographics, learning styles, and societal demands change over time. Continuous professional learning helps teachers adapt to these changes, ensuring they remain relevant and effective in their roles. 

Continuing the College’s strategic focus for “A Learning Centred College”, all staff engaged in a Professional learning day last Monday 17 July. The first session provided all staff with mandatory child safeguarding information and training. This session continued with “the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Learning at St Greg’s”, looking specifically at an update on assessment procedures related to the use of AI. Teachers were given support to investigate the uses of AI in the learning environment, looking at ways to make formative assessment more engaging and meaningful, and creating rubrics to use in assessing student learning outcomes. 

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Challenges and Successes

Mr Baldino Vetrano - Director of Students

Dear College community,

I hope all is well and everyone had a relaxing 3-week break. Term 3 is going to be filled with many events and opportunities. Some important dates to look out for is NADOC week in week 2, the Year 7-9 St Greg’s Dance in week 4 and RUOK? Day in week 8. Not to mention the Year 12 Graduation at the end of the term.